With Electricity prices forever increasing…have you ever wondered how much money you might save if you switched to Gas water heating?

Already much cheaper, gas costs NSW households approx. $70 – $312 each year depending on the provider. Roughly a quarter of the cost of electricity.

Furthermore, in NSW electricity rose by 24%, for an average electricity bill of $520, this jumped to $645.

Gas water heaters are starting to look good, right?

So, let’s take a closer look…

Electric water heaters

We know electricity is more expensive and increasing at higher rates – they also contribute to higher greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the government has passed legislation to try and limit their use.

Electric water heaters that heat during the day are the most expensive option.  Off peak electric storage units are better because they use lower off-peak electricity tariffs.

But, on off peak they only heat water at night so they need to be large enough to make sure you don’t run out of hot water during the day.

Gas hot water systems

The main physical difference is that the electric heat element is replaced with a gas burner.

If you choose one of the new 4 or 5-Star models they also have much lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Apart from running costs… you won’t ever run out of hot water and there are no time-of-day tariff issues with gas.

This means you don’t need a quite so large tank because the gas burner can operate whenever required.

Gas Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Continuous, instantaneous or tankless, hot water systems heat the water as you need it.

Available in both natural gas and LPG versions, these units are very energy efficient, with 5-Star or better ratings so Greenhouse gas emissions are also much lower than electric storage.

Continuous flow systems heat water on demand whenever you turn on the tap so there is no need for a storage tank.  This also means you never run out of hot water.

With tankless systems, water need only be heated to 50°C because potential bacterial growth is NOT an issue.

While the running costs are not quite as low as solar and heat pump units, the upfront costs of gas water heaters and continuous flow systems are much lower.

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