Rainwater Tanks

Recycle, Preserve, and Save $$

Water tanks will ultimately save your water bill. The Australian climate can be harsh – and temperamental. So capturing your rainwater in for irrigation, laundry, toilets and your garden taps in rainwater tank is a clever, economical and sustainable way to bridge the gaps, especially to deal with droughts and water restrictions.

Did You Know?

For every 1mm of rain that falls on 1 square meter of roof space, 1 litre of water is collected. That sure adds up quickly!

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So, Why Should I use a Rainwater Tank?

As fellow Australians we understand that water is a precious commodity. Quality rainwater tanks, expertly installed, go a long way to protecting your water supply and helping save a buck or two along the way.

And for the man of the house: rainwater is rich in nitrogen so that means it is far better in keeping your grass greener than ordinary tap water!

Keeping it Natural

  • You’re reducing your impact on nature by using rainwater instead of treated mains water
  • Rainwater diverted into your tank reduces the impact of storm-water runoff

Show Me The Money

  • Reduce your water bill significantly: toilet and washing machine water use make up a huge percentage of your average household’s water consumption
  • Sydney Water will not charge you for the use of a rainwater tank
  • Rainwater tanks add to your home’s value

Fire Danger! Emergency Protection

  • Rainwater collected during wetter periods is stored for those hot, dry spells to protect your property
  • Water restrictions: you can face substantial fines if you don’t or can’t comply with these restriction
  • You’re less reliant on the mains water supply.


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