Hot Water Systems

We are always on call – so you are never left out in the cold!

Being out of hot water is no fun.  Showering, cooking, bathing your children, doing the laundry, washing your car… you, your family or tenants really can do without the hassle and delays of having no hot water on tap!

Manufacturers recommend annual maintenance which includes flushing your hot water system by running cold water through it to clean the tank from sediment. Flushing the water heater also keeps internal components clean and free from rust or mineral buildup.

Tell tale signs of a hot water system ready to give you trouble

Discoloured water coming from your hot tap can be a main indicator of a failing hot water system. Below we’ve listed more warning signs to look for.  If  your system is flushed annually, the issue is limited to the hot water taps (cold is ok), and if you notice one or more of the following signs, your hot water supply may be running into serious trouble.  It’s best to call us to check it out to avoid unnecessary cost, down-times and stress:

  • Rusted sections on the outside of your tank
  • Constant dripping from the Temperature Pressure Relief Valve (TPR) valve located on the side of your tank
  • Brown or discoloured water appearing in your bath or hand basin
  • Running out of hot water more quickly than usual
  • Lack of water pressure
  • Fluctuations in temperature
  • Dirty hot water
  • Constant dampness or pooling water under the tank
  • Visable corrosion at the bottom of the tank
  • Excessive hot water power consumption

Help is at hand.

At On The Go Plumbing our technicians are licensed experts in:

  • Emergency repairs of hot water systems
  • Hot water system servicing
  • Replacement of most electric & gas hot water systems

Can we fix your system? Yes we can!

Our plumbers and gas fitters are able to restore, maintain and replace your hot water system and tanks, no matter whether your system is

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Gas instantaneous or
  • Solar / heat pump

Keeping it safe: when to call in the experts

Nobody wants to get to that irritating point of running out of hot water due to faulty pipes or parts. You can be proactive and avoid annoying hot water issues by checking the age of your tank.

One easy way is to check the white label on top of your tank: it will show the date of manufacture. The average lifespan of a tank is 8-12 years. Any tank close to or past this date should be carefully checked as it may be ‘on the way out’.

We will not rest until it’s fixed.

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