Water Filter Systems

Water filters are designed to filter out a range of contaminants such as chlorine, pesticides, industrial solvents; limescale, heavy metals, sodium, nitrates, fluorine, and microbes.

There’s no single water filtration technique that removes all water contaminants which is why many systems use two or more processes together. Most will make the water taste better and less like you are drinking a swimming pool.

1)    Activated carbon filters out chlorine-based chemicals, some pesticides, and industrial solvents. It can’t cope with “hardness” (limescale), heavy metals (unless a special type of activated carbon filter is used), sodium, nitrates, fluorine, or microbes.

2)    Reverse osmosis filters force contaminated water through a fine membrane filter at pressure, so the water passes through but the contaminants remain behind. They’re good at removing salt, nitrates and limescale, but less effective at removing bacteria

3)    Ion-exchange filters are particularly good at “softening” water by removing limescale

We’ll advise on the best type for your water supply and your needs.

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